SICURNET enables you to protect your company’s data from illegal disclosure on the internet.


Product description

SICURNET is an early warning system for identity theft and the misuse of data on the internet. You can arrange for your company’s information (such as its address, telephone number, e-mail address, website and even credit cards) to be monitored round the clock. SICURNET also investigates the dark web, which is precisely where data thieves offer the stolen information for sale. If SICURNET discovers this information on the internet, you will be notified immediately. A hotline to the experts will also help you if required, e.g. to block any payment cards that may have been compromised.

Advantages with SICURNET

Early detection of any misuse of data

Notification if any company details appears on the internet

Expert hotline

Individual search parameters
Included services
  • Telephone consultation
  • Annual subscription
  • Notification
  • Monitoring


CHF 159.-

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