Protection of personal data on the Internet

According to a study by the ZHAW in September 2019, a sharp rise in cyber crime can be observed in Switzerland. Fraud, such as unauthorized data collection or illegal entry into data systems, has increased.

This trend can also be observed in our neighboring countries and is now a worldwide phenomenon. The 2019 Global Risk Report lists cyber attacks and data theft among the top five risks.

But there are ways and means to protect yourself against it. For example with the early warning system Sicurnet, which monitors identity theft and data misuse on the web. Private customers can have their personal data such as address, telephone number, email address or credit cards monitored around the clock. SICURNET also checks the dark web, exactly where data thieves offer the stolen data for sale. If this information is discovered on the Internet, account holders receive an immediate warning.
Data misuse can thus be detected at an early stage.

SICURNET has been in use in Italy since 2011. In 2019 there were more than 100,000 notifications there. Usually the email addresses were found. They make up around 90 percent of the warnings, 80 percent of which come from the dark web.